The perfect starting point

Chateau du gue aux Biches is a perfect starting point for excursions to Mont st. Michel, Omaha Beach, the Bayeux tapestry, the Cliffs at Étretat and other tourist and historic sites.

A trip to the coast to towns such as Deauville, Grandville and Honfleur. The larger cities such as Le Mans, Laval, Caen, Rennes are also easily accessible.

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Visit the fabulous Mont-Saint-Michel

You may not believe in fairy tales but a getaway to Normandy’s Mont-Saint-Michel comes pretty close. Explore one of the most beautiful medieval buildings in France.

Mont Saint-Michel


Massages from around the world tailored to Bagnoles-de-l'Orne and its surroundings.

Chateau du Gue Aux Biches -  massage treatments

See Europe by train: five great family summer holidays with no flying

An article from the Guardian. The recently renovated Château du Gué aux Biches has B&B rooms and a brand-new gîte in a private park near Bagnoles, and offers free transfers for those travelling by train.

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The Guardian

Danish Christmas vibes from the travel blog DICHTBIJ & VER WEG - Supplier of travel inspiration

The warm welcome at Château Gue aux Biches in Bagnolles de l'Orne contrasts sharply with the freezing cold that has gripped the Normandy countryside. Klaus and Soren, two hospitable Danes who moved to Normandy following the example of their distant Viking ancestors, transformed this stately castle into a stylish maison d'hôtes in 2020. This article are written in Dutch.

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Dichtbij Ver Weg